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KIR TV: Watch the studio livestream here!

(If the stream above shows as "unavailable") it is simply because KIR TV is offline, or because we are not on a live show at the moment).


A Step Forward in History

RadioActiveTV is now KIR TV!

RadioActiveTV was a 2015 video series launched by Keepin' It Radio that featured intense food wars, live interviews at Cedar Point and more.  While plans and hopes for RadioActiveTV were high, and interest levels grew regularly, the end of Keepin' It Radio brought all of it's entertainment outlets to a screeching hault - including RadioActiveTV.

Now, with the launch of Heart Shaped Entertainment, we've set a special focus on what RadioActiveTV was destined to be, and are excited to bring you NEW video entertainment with it's new and improved format, KIR TV!

Looking for some nostalgia? Check out the old RadioActiveTV episodes below!

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