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David J.

CEO/Station Manager/Executive Producer/Host

The Center Stage/The Hot Topic/After Dark/The Beautiful Ghosts Show/What's Your Creep Factor

David J. was the founding member of Keepin It Radio back in 2011.  He is the only 2011 host still remaining on the network, and prides himself in giving his all to the station.  With an innovative mindset and a relentless attitude of persistence and progress, David has quickly helped Keepin It Radio find it's way to where it is now.  He invests himself into the station but is quick to make sure everyone knows, he couldn't do it without his incredible co-hosts and team members.

David is a musician, author, father, and more. He loves karaoke/singing, plays guitar, and enjoys nature and music.  His lack of a filter brings out some wild moments on the air and yet his professionalism shines where it matters most.

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Brooke Ashley

Director of Human Resources/Host

The Center Stage/After Dark/Behind the Boudoir/Steel City Chronicles

Brooke Ashley is one of the longest running hosts on Keepin It Radio, with her first appearance on the station in 2013.  Brooke is the only on on the station to have attended broadcasting school.  Broadcasting is her dream, and with Keepin It Radio she is accomplishing that and more.  Brooke has maintained a steady place on our flagship shows, and has taken the initiative to launch Behind the Boudoir and the Steel City Chronicles.  Brooke prides herself in motivating and encouraging others, helping to build confidence and grow courage, self-worth and positivity.

Brooke is an incredible part of Keepin It Radio and is as thankful for her team as they are for her.

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Brian Bobo


The Center Stage

Bobo may find himself on the receiving ends of jokes and pranks from his cohosts, but it doesn't stop him from being passionate about the topics we discuss and being quick to retaliate.  Often teased for his wisdom and explanations being so in-depth, Bobo is often referred to as AI.  The joke extends further due to him typically being remote during shows rather than joining everyone live in studio.  He has a love for collectibles, tech and entertainment and isn't afraid to say something no matter how much his cohosts may disagree with him.

Despite the teasing and bickering that may go on from time to time, Bobo is a loved part of the Keepin It Radio team and is always helping find ways to innovatively enhance the KIR brand and the services/opportunities that we offer local bands, businesses and artists.

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The Center Stage

Quick wit and off-the-wall comments that bring his cohosts to absolute shock, Randall is one of our newer team members. But being green on the mic doesn't stop him from being heard and expressing himself, and he's grown quickly into his role with the station.  Randall looks forward to doing more with Keepin It Radio as time goes on, but his current contributions are more than sufficient in regards to providing content and participating on the Center Stage.

The team looks forward to seeing what the future holds with Randall and appreciates the laughs (and even jaw-dropping unfiltered things he says sometimes).

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The Hot Topic

When it comes to being lady-like, Liz is redefining the definition each and every time she gets behind the mic.  From crude humorous comments to non-stop sass, Liz has quickly planted her place firmly on the airwaves of KIR. Liz has become a strong character behind the mic, but the best thing about her is that she is exactly the same behind the scenes as she is on the mic.  What the listeners hear is what she truly is in every way.  She prides herself in being outspoken, having a good time and diving deep into the topics she is most passionate about.

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The Hot Topic

Jacob is an eccentric character behind the mic, with his overenthusiastic reactions and an aggressive willingness to speak up for what he believes in.  He speaks from the heart, isn't afraid to discuss his traumas and life experiences, while also being compassionate and understanding towards his cohosts.  With a past in nursing and taking care of the elderly, he's one of the only crew members to vividly tell stories on the air about those experiences and embarrassing moments he's endured.

promo photo1 og katie

OG Katie


The Hot Topic

Don't let the picture fool you, OG Katie is the real deal - so real in fact, she feels the need to conceal her identity with a crazy looking mask.  She takes deep dives into some serious topics, but also has a lot of comical stories to share on the show.  Katie continues to deliver wonderful content and is a joy to her team in the studio.

Now if only we could somehow get her to take off that strange mask!

promo photo1 stevealex



The Hot Topic

Steve joined the show shortly after Jacob, his lifetime friend. While the mask in the photo is just one of many ways we struggle to get Steve to cooperate, we can't help but keep him around.  We know the Hot Topic just wouldn't be the same without his loud cackling laugh and weekly proclamations of "I don't know ANYTHING!"
He prides himself on being difficult, but when a topic comes up that he enjoys, his true colors shine and we see him at his best.  The team looks forward to seeing what the future brings with Steve.

promo photo1 karaoke katie

Karaoke Cadie


The Hot Topic

While Karaoke Cadie may not make it onto the airwaves all of the time, when she does, it is always a treat. Named after her love of singing karaoke, we always make sure she sings a song when she guest stars.  The team enjoys having Cadie around and the studio lights up a little brighter any time she joins.  Her job prevents her from joining us more frequently, but we can tell she enjoys being on the air with us when she's able to be.

And don't worry, we make her sing - but it's absolutely a treat, as she has a wonderful voice.

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